Nadia Bedricky, a Ukrainian national born in Spain, came to the US with her family and calls Chicago, Illinois, home. Since her graduation from Bowling Green State University, Nadia Bedricky has divided much of her professional work between applying her administrative and technical expertise at PepsiCo, and using her media and marketing talents to support sports and athletics in her community.

Much of Ms. Bedricky’s life has been influenced by sports. She has long been fond of playing tennis, golf, and particularly volleyball. The latter earned her a full scholarship at Bowling Green State University, where she played for the school team, and for a time she enjoyed a career in professional volleyball until it was ended by a muscle injury.

Following her volleyball career, Nadia Bedricky has taken up tennis as a regular hobby, and has a love of American football inherited from one of her older brothers; the Detroit Lions are her favorite professional team. She has contributed to the sport herself in her role providing communications and media support for the Arena Football League during its 2011-2012 season, and brand ambassador for the league through PromoGroup.